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Do you like secrets?

…Everyone loves a secret!

I love secrets. I love secrets so much that I entered into a field for four years where all we dealt with were secrets and shadows. And it was there where I learned about secrets.

You know what I learned?

…In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve learned about secrets. But, I’m sure you’re wondering why GCT Magazine has been in remiss in offering regularly scheduled articles, and online TV and radio show broadcasts…

Last year was a hard one. If you don’t know what happened, I’ve detailed it as much as necessary in this blog release at my personal website: SEX, DEATH, LOVE, and OTHER LESSONS FROM 2012. As you can imagine, writing can be very cathartic and healing.

And now, we’re back on track, and from what we’ve been paying attention to in national and international news, just in time. We have a number of improvements and add-ons this years. And I’m sure you’ll be very impressed and delighted with getting them. Now, back to what I’ve learned about SECRETS.

…What have I learned?


Yes, that’s right, there is no such thing as a secret. Just because you don’t know something, doesn’t necessarily mean the next guy down also doesn’t know. That means it’s not a secret. A secret is just information that you, specifically, don’t know…

The secrets out there are just bits of information we might not yet be aware of, or it’s information being waved in our faces, and we just don’t want look at it: isn’t it amazing how our genetic predisposition is to actually ignore certain bits of information? Ever been in a relationship you know you shouldn’t have been in for some very logical reasons? Yeah, you know what I mean. You knew that other person was telling you things, but not until you broke up that it was all clear. The key is to be clear as you’re listening and collecting that information.

Then, there’s information you get that is important, and it might as well be a secret, because you don’t have the prior knowledge and experience to know how to interpret and use it, no matter how essential it is to your success…

As for the enemy, my experience was that they always knew what we were up to. We had spies. They had spies. We all had spies. If we were lucky, we planned and launched an operation and they just weren’t ready in time. Other times they were, and it was not pretty. When I think of dead friends, I think of those times. I’ve learned my lessons. Get the facts, look at them, and understand them…and then, just as important, use that information effectively, in a timely manner. And that my friends is the real understanding of information, secrets, and intelligence gathering and use.

First you need to find out whether there’s information worth collecting. Then, you have to get that information. Once you have that information you have to assign it an identity, a code, that enables it be brought up by others, like an index that can be referenced quickly. Then, in the process, you need to be sure of what you’re looking at. And finally, you need to get it to the right people, within the right time frame. If you screw up any of that chain of conversion, it’s all for naught.

Really want to know what 9/11 was all about it. It wasn’t about some conspiracy. It was about egos, identification of agents, and messed up bureaucracy of a government that has grown too big for it to work effectively, without great cost and often with great detriment to the very people it’s supposed to defend.

So how does this effect you? Well, as anyone who has been in the military and law enforcement, or in the government, for that matter, knows, what you get is always on a NEED TO KNOW basis. What they don’t think you need to know is up to them. Are you OK with that?

Often it doesn’t even have to do with operational secrecy, and it has all to do with funding and funding appropriation. Ever wonder what the difference used to be in the past with Special Forces units from other units: SF operators pay their own way to get more than just what the military or government offers. Ever observed some of the training regimens, and realized that units aren’t getting in enough shooting–just to point out some deplorable conditions in the military right now.

I’m not talking about a reserve unit never expected to go to combat. I’m talking about a unit set to deploy within the month.

How’d you like to deploy to Afghanistan with only 58 rounds to train with? That’s 18 rounds to zero your weapon, and 40 to qualify with. Do you know that of that 40, you only have to hit your target with 23 to qualify? How reassuring is that? NOT MUCH!

This is while the President’s security force gets 500 rounds a week to practice…?!


You know what the US Rangers and CAG/Delta Force in Somalia were most afraid of? No, it wasn’t the Somalis. It was their own comrades, known as the “regular Army smoes”. They were afraid they’d get a hell of friendly fire from their own, who weren’t as finely trained and didn’t put in the time doing drills that would give them the skills.

IT’S NO SECRET that you probably don’t know as much as you should about your specialty, whether it’s combat medicine, intelligence gathering, hand-to-hand combat, long range tactical shooting, navigation. The list could go on…

You probably got the best that the academy or the military could give you. But, if you’ve read this far, you’re likely like us, not satisfied with what the government is able to provide, most often offered at discount price, the best price the government or agency could get. Would you let your life, and those of the men and women in your group, be reliant on something as miniscule as that?

That ‘s why we originally came up with the concept of GCT Magazine, and now you know why we’ve come up with the new newsletter. There’s no way you could find out all that there is out there. You just don’t have enough time. And frankly some of the best stuff out there doesn’t come from the standard meat and pototaoes providers that the military, and law enforcement get hit on day in and day out for contracts. That extra special offering is often hidden in the warehouse of a mom and pop operation, or in the back forty of a specialist who trains the elite of the elite and they take a lunch break at the local diner, telling everyone that ‘friends’ from out of town were visiting for the hunting or fishing.

At GCT Magazine, we have a collection of former operators from CAG, SAD, Special Forces, SEALs and Marines, active in the security consulting field, who either work with us in the field as consultants, or also as act as direct sources for the articles, webinars and information products—As all are field-experienced and most of them combat veterans, they bring a level of quality to the information provided in our newsletters.


If you’ve learned what I’ve learned, you understand the importance of privacy. That’s what you get with the information that we provide. We do offer classes, and workshops. We do a variety of consulting, and we get paid well for it—Don’t you think only an idiot would pay less than for the best when it comes to security in this day and age?! But, for our newsletter list we offer the opportunity to pick and choose through a profound mountain of information through the privacy of your own home or office, via the Internet.

As a member of our weekly newsletters, you  receive what you’ve been missing by only reading articles, online radio interviews and watching our online TV shows that are publicly available to the average visitor to our online magazine. You also get access to the real goodies that people have paid in the range of $500, to as much as $10,000 to retain us as security consultants.


What’s new with the newsletter is that it’s not only a much more customized and personalized newsletter for you that the magazine would never be (you’ll actually be able to reply directly back to the email address associated with the newsletter and let us know exactly what topic appropriate information you’d like that we’re not yet providing), and we’ll also be making available unique, interesting and even very controversial, webinars and trainings that others will be paying for later, but you get TOTALLY FREE as our newsletter subscriber list.

Here’s just a few examples of upcoming Webinar Titles:

  • Sharpen and Hone Your Most Dangerous Weapon
  • ADVANCED Combat Shooting Training
  • ADVANCED Leadership Skills
  • Choose Your Weapons Wisely
  • And a whole bunch more of webinars, information products and equipment giveaways and contests, even REAL WORLD JEDI MIND TRICKS for you PSYOPS guys and gals–ONLY to our loyal NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS.

Get ahead of the curve: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER by typing in your NAME and EMAIL below, so you can GET IT ALL!

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